My new hamster!

WEEK 1:My new hamster

I got my syrian hamster and I’m so excited, I’ve never had a syrian before! He’s a male, 10 week old, grey-and-white banded syrian and he is so cute! I just adore him. Unfortunately I have been unable to decide on a name for him yet. So far I have been thinking of “Alfie”. I think it suits him, but I’ve decided to live with him a bit and find out his personality before making any commitment. It’s very early days yet, infact I havn’t even had him a day, so all I’ve been doing is observing him and secretly checking every so often to make sure that he’s still alive!


I’ll be writing weekly updates on my new syrian, so that if you have your own new syrian hamster, you can compare the progress between your’s and mine. I’m hoping it will also give hamster owners-to-be an insight into the hamster keeping way of life!

I went to the petshop this morning (around ten past ten) to buy my hamster. They had several baby syrians and I asked the shop assistent if I could hold one. I did. He was so adorable, if not a little traumatized! I’ll guiltily confess to you that I did drop him, but luckily the guy in the shop caught him just in time!

If you look on my “Buying a Hamster” page, you’ll see that I told you to check the eyes, mouth and tail when picking your hamster, in case of any signs of infection. I try to practice what I preach when it comes to this site, but unfortunately all the eyes, mouth and tail checking sort of goes out the window when you’re actually buying your hamster. It’s true. I confess it. But as long as you get the sense that your hamster is healthy (as I did) then I think you’re okay without all the inspecting business. However it’s good to know where to look, if you think your hamster might be sick, so I wouldn’t put all that knowledge to disuse. What I’m trying to say is (and being completely honest) you can plan and plan for getting your hamster but your most valuable piece of knowledge is knowing that experience is key.

My new hamsterAnyway, back to my new hamster. I took him home and put him in his new cage. (The Ferplast Duna Fun Hamster Cage, check out “ Alfie’s Cage” page for more info) And he’s been settling in ever since, currently setting up camp in the plastic tubing! He seems fairly confident, from what I can gather. When I went to move his little house from the top floor of his cage to the bottom floor, he casually walked over to my hand to investigate, without a hint of timidness. Of course I won’t be making any conact with him untill I think he’s settled in, but the road ahead looks bright for my little nameless hamster!

Well that’s it for this week’s update! There will be more posts on my new pet’s progress next week (including a name!) and he told me himself that he was looking forward to helping write this account!


All about hamsters- in a nutshell!

4 thoughts on “My new hamster!

  1. Hi I have a question I bought a teddy bear hamster she’s about 2 mouths old now . I’m new at holding her but she try’s to avord my hands but I want her to trust me she even flinches when I come near her idk what to do?

    1. Hi there, you want your hamster to get used to you and your scent. For example, my hamster Alfie will allow me to pick him up, because he knows me, but wont let anyone else near him. This is taming your hamster. Place your hammy in a box, with some wood shavings from her cage. Don’t try and tame her in her cage, as this will make her feel threatened.If you have trouble trying to get her in to the box, use a jam jar, or a toilet roll tube.

      Do this at least once a day, first just offer treats to her, and place your hand in the box. After a couple of days of this, try to scoop her up, supporting her back legs. It may take a while, but patience is key!

    2. Hiya I brought my Syrian hamster and when did the same 2 days after I got her I kept putting my hand into the cage and putting 1-2 treats on it eventually she climbed onto me and I picked her up if u are scared it will bite you put clean socks or gloves on your hands for the first 1-3 days. Hope this helps you .

      1. Hi, I love getting suggestions and opinions, so thanks for speaking up! However, personally and don’t agree with covering your hands in this early taming stage. Your hamster needs to get used to your personal scent. Once they know this, and associate your smell with treats, being petted, or playtime, and this builds up the trust between you and your hamster. If your hammy is a biter, then you can wear gloves, but a little nip during the early taming process is not the time for them:)

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