Week 4

Alfie!It’s now coming to the end of week 3 in Alfie land, and we are beginning to get to know each other quite well. I didn’t write an update last week because I was so busy, but now that I’ve got some time, I’ll tell you how he’s getting on.

Both last week and this week, I have been taking Alfie out of his cage and putting him in the bath tub.(This is called the bathtub method. Go to my “taming” page for more info)  I’m trying to start handling him so he’ll get used to me, but this hasn’t been going so well. I don’t think he trusts me enough yet for him to let me hold him. Trust is DEFINITELY important, so if you don’t have it, then you may as well not have a hamster! Any way, I’ve decided that, to build trust, I need to make sure he associates me with good things. So from now until at least next week, I’m just going hand feed him treats and pet him a lot until he feels completely safe with me. Don’t get me wrong, I know you’re supposed to do this with every hamster in the first place, and I did. But I think I must have taken things a little to quickly, when I started picking him up because now he doesn’t trust me at all. That’s not good, but trust can be easy to achieve if you do it right! – see I’m quite an optimistic person!

Even though taming isn’t exactly on track, I have discovered a few things that he likes. I’m currently in the company of a continental-style hammy! He likes cheese and grapes the most, fresh from the fridge, with a little side salad of course! And he absolutely adores the yoghurt drops I give him, though he doesn’t get many because I don’t want him to get fat. I just bought sAlfie again!ome Rotastak “choc drops” and apple-flavoured chewballs for both Alfie and Pip to try. I like experimenting and finding out what they like.

Well, that’s it for this week, but I’ll have more updates on Alfie soon (hopefully more progress on taming will be made!) See you soon!!


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