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Instead of updating you on Alfie’s progress every week, I’ve decided that I will write updates every month. Though Alfie’s life is quite eventful, I’m struggling to gather enough material on him for a full post. So instead, I’ll randomly post queries or write about experiences I’ve had about keeping the little critters and then give you an update on the new guy, Alfie, every month or so.

Anyway, the big news is this: Alfie is not a guy! Yes that’s right, as until now, I have always thought of Alfie as a little boy. But now, all those thoughts have disappeared, leaving me to overcome the realisation that Alfie’s a girl! Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, it’s just hard to get my head round. I can’t change her name (even as I type it, “her” seems like a mistake!) – that would be too weird! Unless I changed her name around a bit, like Alfetta or Alfia. No, I think I’ll keep her name the same. I just have to remember to say good girl Alfie, instead of good boy Alfie.

So how come I’m only realising that she’s a girl now? Well the guy in the pet shop told me she was a male. I know, a poor excuse! The man probably didn’t know a thing about hamsters (as they are mainly a fish and reptile orientated pet shop) and just told me that he was a male so he could make a sale. In Syrians, it’s fairly easy to establish the gender of your hammy, so I had a hunch that Alfie might be a girl. Anyway, I’ve only established the fact now, and I do apologise if Alfie is referred to as a he on my site from time to time, as I’m simply not used to the fact yet. However, it’s great having a girl hammy!

In other news, I have  moved Pip into another Ferplast Duna Fun cage. For those of you who don’t know, Alfie lives in a Duna Fun, and I thought that it was such a good cage, that I got another one for Pip! Pip’s cage, the Rotastak Pink Palace, has been worn down and he needed an upgrade, so I decided that another Ferplast Duna was the best option. He is now happily installed and enjoying the change of scenery! On my website, my “Pip’s cage” page will remain as the Pink Palace cage, to give you an idea of what it’s like, in case you want to get it yourself!

That’s all the news I have at the moment, but come back soon to get some more!


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