Hello Again!

Hello all! I know…It’s shameful! I haven’t written in 3 months! I truly apologise, I’ve just been so busy! Anyway, in hamster world, things are pretty normal. Pip and Alfie are now in the shed. It’s more of a big room in our back garden, with all the perks; heating, natural light, private accommodation. They live the high life! They were taking up too much room in my bedroom, and sort of ruining the “country chic” look I was trying to achieve. But they’re happy, and that’s all that matters!…..and my interior design!

You’ll see in my last post that I was determined to make the hamster the new dog or cat! How do you think that’s going? I’m struggling to make the headlines. My hamster clothing range, hamalicious boutique, failed miserably, though personally I thought Pip looked dazzling in the burgundy tuxedo. My “hamster holidays” travel package also flumped, when Alfie came back from his trip to Malaga, broke, hung over, and badly sunburned, I knew this wouldn’t work. Nothing to do with the location, but hamsters can be rowdy and get into the wrong crowds easily.

However, something that I think will work, is the Doll house technique. I have an old doll house from my childhood years that I think’ll work well as a hot destination for history loving hammies. They can take a wander round the ancient architecture and marvel at the beautiful hand-carved staircases and door frames. Maybe I’ll put up a cafe beside it and a craft shop, just to milk as much money off’em as I possibly can!

Who knows, my friend, when we will next hear from each other? But I promise that it will not be anything like 3 months! And maybe by then, I shall have concord the hammy world and brought them to the top of the pet empire.

See you soon! And if you want to hear from me sooner, leave my a comment to keep me on my toes!

P.S no hamsters were harmed in the writing of this post.


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