New Arrivals?

I have recently been updating my hamster cages pages, and I want to make a bin cage, so I can write a good review and a step-by-step guide on how to make one. These are cages made from storage bins, that are relatively cheap, and a great option for housing your hammy. I’m planning to do this at the weekend, which means, in a few days I will have an extra cage… russian hamster

…which means I can get another hamster! Well, two, actually. I’m planning on getting a pair of dwarf hamsters (Syrians are solitary, and should never be kept in pairs or groups). Though I’ve heard a lot of horror stories about pairs fighting, I would like to try it, as dwarf hamsters are naturally sociable and can often have amazing bonds with their cage mates.

a bin cage, from
a bin cage, from

So that’s something to look forward to! The most important thing right now is to make the bin cage, so readers like you can have a go! I shall keep the site posted, and hopefully The Hamster Place will be the home to a new pair of Dwarf hammies very soon!


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