Selective Feeding

Hello hamster world!

I’d just like to get your opinion on a hot hamster topic: selective feeding. All hamster owners will know the sound of throwing a half empty bowl of hamster food in the bin, only with a few green pellets and a bit of bedding in it. But why do our pets leave these pellets behind, making us feel like we’ve wasted out money. The answer is in the contents of the bag. All of us love our fatty foods; burgers, chips, chocolate, the list goes on. The same is for hamsters. Sunflower seeds are the fatty foods of the hamster world. And not just that. Peanuts are a culprit too. While a mixed balanced diet is healthy for a hamster, it’s easy for them to pick out the tasty bits, leaving the nutritious grass or seed pellets that boast of healthy diets. This is what selective feeding is.

Not just a waste of money, selective feeding contributes to our pets growing in size. Yes that’s right, hamster obesity is a thing! So has anyone got a solution? I know it’s common practice for rabbits and guinea pigs to have just one type of pellet with everything they need in it, but what about hamsters? I know my local petshops don’t supply anything of the sort. Let me know if you know of any good hamster foods, I’d love to try them and give them a shout out here on The Hamster Place!


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One thought on “Selective Feeding

  1. Hi I give my hamster nuggets to prevent selective eating. I get mine from pets at home –

    But you can also get Mr johnsons (I prefer pets at home brand is it is made exclusively for hamster and not hamster and gerbil like Mr johnsons).
    Hope this helps.

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