Alfie’s Cage

Now for Alfie’s cage review.

NAME: Ferplast Duna Fun Hamster Cage.

WHERE I GOT THE CAGE: Just like Pip’s, I bought this cage from Pet Planet

WHY I CHOSE THE CAGE: I chose this cage because:

  • It’s bigAlfie's cage!
  • It’s a mixture of both plastic and wire bars.
  • It has an open top. (Good for accessing you hamster)
  • It has some tubing but not too much. (less tubing makes the cage easier to clean)
  • It has a large floor space and multiple levels.

HOW MUCH: I bought this cage for around £40 in a sale from Pet Planet. The usual retail price is around £65, so it’s quite expensive. But it’s worth the money!

TYPE OF CAGE: This is a cage with both wire bars and plastic. It has a plastic base, plastic top section and two plastic levels. The middle section and lid is made of wire bars. It’s well ventilated because of the bars.

ACCESSORIES: This cage comes with a little house, a water bottle, a wheel and ladders to access the levels. All work well, although I haven’t risked trying the wheel, since Pip’s wheel was so noisy. I just went straight ahead and bought a flying saucer. Alfie doesn’t use his house but it is perfectly fine – Alfie doesn’t like small enclosed spaces, so I’m not surprised that he didn’t sleep in the house.

FIRST IMPRESSION: At first everything seemed promising, since it arrived on time and everything looked good. However, after closer inspection, I realised that there where large and small cracks in the top plastic section. I wasn’t sure if these cracks would effect the cage’s performance, so I put the cage together anyway (carefully, so not to make the cracks worse). Assembling was much easier than the Rotastak Pink Palace and only took around half an hour. This was a breath of fresh air compared to last time! But to my disappointment, the cracks worsened and I was forced to ask Pet Planet for a replacement, since the plastic top had obviously been weakened during the transportation of the cage. They were very kind though and sent me a whole new cage in just another week!

ALFIE’S VIEW: Alfie really likes this cage. He loves running up and down the tubes and sky-diving from the top level of the cage to the bottom of the cage! He’s a bit of a dare devil! The open-top-lid is great for getting close to your hammy and I’m sure Alfie is grateful for it because it makes it a lot easier for me to give him treats! When I first got him, Alfie kept chewing the bars of his cage (visit my “health care” page for more info on this problem) but I just put a little box in the place where he was chewing and hasn’t chewed it since. Alfie doesn’t climb much, but if you’ve got a hammy that does, there is plenty of opportunities for him/her to do so. Alfie definitely loves this cage, and if he could talk, I’m sure he’d probably brag about what a lovely home he’s got!

CLEANING THE CAGE: Alfie’s cage is relatively easy to clean compared to Pip’s. Everything can be taken apart really quickly and putting the cage back together is just as simple. Because the cage is quicker to clean then the Rotastak Pink Placace, it means Alfie is only out of his cage for half an hour (compared to Pip, who can be homeless for up to 3 or 4 hours during a big clean!)

MY VIEW: I think this cage is a great hamster home. It’s stylish and more subtle then the blaring statement of the Pink Palace! It’s well ventilated, has both bars and plastic and has plenty of room for every sort of hamster. I would definitely get this cage again if I needed to. I know Alfie is happy in his cage, and if that’s the case, so am I!


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