Aquarium Cages


When we think of the word “cage” we usually picture a metal or wire box, but you can

aquarium hamster cage
aquarium hamster cage

actually use aquariums as hamster cages too! Again, I shall mention that the cage must be no less than 360 square foot. In the case of the aquarium, it can be no less than 20 gallons. When I say Aquarium, I mean a fish tank, so when you’re looking for one, be sure to head for “fish” and not “small pets” when in a pet shop or online!

There a pros and cons to all cages, and it’s no different here. The Pros are:

  • You get a great view of your hamster through the glass.
  • An aquarium is sturdy, with little chance of your hamster the materials. As a result, they are very long lasting.
  • A great choice for a dwarf hamster, as there is little chance for escaping.
  • They are very easy to clean, and you have lots of space to put in your own hamster toys.

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And now the cons:

  • Can sometimes have bad ventilation. If you buy an aquarium, you will need to make sure there is a wire-mesh lid so air can get through, or there it is open-topped. Make sure with an open-topped lid, the sides are too high for the hamster to escape.
  • They’re very heavy, and difficult to transport.
  • A good-sized one is very expensive.

If you are buying an aquarium specifically for your hamster, then I would strongly

Small Pet Terrarium Kerry
Small Pet Terrarium Kerry

recommend the Small Pet Terrarium Kerry. It is a tank designed for hamster and small pets, built with good ventilation. It even comes with wooden accessories! It’s quite expensive, but is probably the best looking hamster cage, as it is simple and easy to use.

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An aquarium¬†is sturdy, with little chance of your hamster gnawing through the glass and plastic. – See more at: lets get started. Here’s a few I recommend:

2 thoughts on “Aquarium Cages

  1. Would you recommend buying a glass tank like the Small Pet Terrarium Kerry that you picture in your article above or would you say it’s better to go for an actual fish aquarium?

    I’m wondering what the real difference is between something like one of these ‘specialist’ glass tanks for hamsters and something that’s basically a normal fish tank? Are there specially designed features that make a tank more suitable for hamsters (or other small pets) that you wouldn’t find on a fist tank?

    Would be interested in your thoughts.

    Thanks for a nice article.

    1. Hi, aquarium cages made specifically for hamsters can be great alternative, but usually more expensive. It’s usually cheaper to buy a regular aquarium, and make changes to it yourself. This way, you save money, and get a personally designed hamster cage! But if money isn’t an issue, a hamster aquarium cage is also ideal.

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