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cute hammy eatingHi there! The next Hamster Stories topic is “Amazing Adventures”. Has your hammy ever wandered off? Where have you found them? We want to hear everything, so why not send us an email to pipthehamster123@gmail.com

Just tell me about a funny or interesting story about your hamster being able to do a special trick! Feel free to include pictures, drawings or even a video.

Best story will get the “story-of-the-month” title and a special mention in a blog post!


Remember to include your name/username, your location and your hamster’s name. Good luck!


The stories:

Topic: Hamster tricks

Hi Hamster Place! My hamster story is that my teddy bear hammy raffy is able to stand on command! I used to hold my hand directly over his head and say stand when he raised his body up to sniff it.then I gave him a treat. After a while he just got used to me saying “stand” and now does it every time I ask him. He can also climb the stairs. He’s really a human trapped in a hamster’s body! – Sara, United Kingdom.

2 thoughts on “Hamster stories!

  1. My story Is sad I bought a Dwarf Hamster He died 1 Year Later. Now today I’m still crying He was my buddy the best buddy in the world! He Shared A Serious Bond With Me. :,,,,(

    In Memoriam Of Hammy DwarfenHamster

  2. One comment only…That was depressing.

    Anyway, I never really cared whether my hamster, Lupin, escaped or not. He’ll always be in one place. My dad’s office, on his bed.

    I tried to do playtime with him at other places, like the toilet, for an instance. But noooo, he had to have the high quality, air conditioned, fluffy bed in the office.

    So playtime in the bathtub it is.

    I should also mention how I sometimes regret his name. I should’ve named him Houdini. Now his cage is a 200″ tub. Planning to move him in a 640″ coroplast cage to satisfy his hunger of freedom.

    Ironically, he never tried to escape before, in his wire cage. His neighbor, Carrot did. Carrot climbed, bite, gnaws, attacks the walls before I move him to a 200″ tub similar to Lupin’s. Now he never tried to escape. In return, he sleeps all day and for some reason, hates human contact. So I just leave him be.

    For a test, I’ve prepared an easy and instant escape route to freedom and Carrot ignores it. How dare he! Lupin would’ve pounced on the chance though.

    Am escape artist story: Lupin escaped by climbing his water bottle, which is connected to the cage wall. I heard lidded cages can build up ammonia, so I don’t bother with lids. I discovered his escape on midnight, when I woke up for no reason and decided to check on Lupin and Carrot. Carrot was fine and in his cage, he always was.

    Lupin though, was having a tour in my dad’s office. But my dad has folded up his bed, so Lupin can’t rest there. So I opened it up and left.

    Result: Voila, a hamster sleeping peacefully on it the next morning. Like taking a candy from a baby.

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