Alfie, My first Syrian hamster, passed away in 2013, but his memory lives on here at The Hamster Place. Here’s his bio!

A beautiful long-haired faun coloured hamster arrived at my house with the intention of making himself a very happy home. His cage, a brand new Ferplast Duna Fun was kitted out with a new wheel, fresh food and veg, and as much bedding as a hamster could possibly dream of. Only about 6 weeks old, this little ball of fur crawled out from the transport container he’d been carried home in, and took in the sights of what was to be his home for the next 3 years. He quickly explored his cage and settled in, a sign that Alfie was shy creature. After he settled in, the fun began, and would continue for as long as he was around.

Alfie loved to climb. Stairs, arm chairs, sofas, beds, anything he could grip, he could climb! Once, while letting him run around my living room, I looked down from the television to find him curled up in my lap, having hauled himself up off the floor, about 2 feet up the side of an armchair and onto me. All I could do was laugh. Another climbing tale involved a set of curtains, and a very panicked search party. While running around my bedroom, Alfie discovered the holy grail of climbing: the curtains. 2 meters of fabric for him to scale, what could be better! However, about half way up he ran into difficulty, and managed to alert me, his frantically searching owner, to his whereabouts by squeaking. That was the only time I heard a sound out of him, thankfully.

Like Pip, his neighbour, sunflower seeds were a delicacy, and could consume a vast number in a matter of minutes. He also had a fondness for yogurt (plain, greek style) and weetabix with sugar. Near the end when his energy was failing, and he couldn’t manage his normal seed mix, I spoon fed him these things, and though he was very sick, I could see he loved the special treatment. These things should be given in moderation of course, but a little bit of yogurt on a spoon, or even on the tip of your finger seems to be a great treat for them.

Alfie was friendly, active, and hilarious. He was character, and when he wanted to get somewhere, he was a force to be reckoned with, right until the end! He’s missed dearly, even a few years on. His stories fill my blog, so check them out, and my experience with him provides much of the information for this site. For that, I thank him, and hopefully, you will too!