How to make a bin cage

Bin cages are great options when housing your pet. To find out more about them, click here. This page will tell you how to make one! They’re not too difficult to do, but make sure you, or a responsible adult is present and able to use electric tools and is fully aware of necessary safety precautions. I got my Dad, a.k.a the handyman, to help me with the making of my bin cage.

Step 1: Purchase clear plastic storage box. It must be at least 360 square inches, or at least 80L. Mine was 110L. Also purchase some wire mesh, or hardware cloth to make the windows. My wire mesh was 6 x 6mm, but anything up to 12 x 12mm is fine. Last but not least, you need nuts, bolts, and washers, to hold the wire in place. You will also need a jigsaw, and an electric drill, or a soldering iron, but most people have these in their sheds already.

Step 2: Mark the squares or rectangles that you are going to cut out, using masking tape, or a non-permanent marker. I did a window on each side, but you can also do a window on the top (my lid was corrugated, which made it impossible to cut).

Step 3: Drill a hole in the corner of a window. This gives you a place to start sawing.

Step 4: Start sawing! Glide the jigsaw through the plastic slowly to avoid it cracking. Warning, this is the really noisy part! Cut out all the windows you marked out.

Step 5: Measure the mesh, so that it is slightly bigger than the window you cut out. This is so that you can attach the bolts, nuts, and washers. Do this for all windows.

Step 6: Drill holes using an electric drill or soldering iron, so that you can put in the bolts. My bin cage has 8 bolts for each mesh window. Remember, the more bolts you put in, the more secure the mesh will be, and the less chance of your hammy escaping!

Step 7: Place the mesh on the window hole, and put in the bolts. The bolt/washer/nut order should go like this: Bolt, Washer, (plastic), Washer, Nut. Make sure they’re tight and secure. Do this to all window holes, until they are all covered with mesh. Congratulations! You have now made a hamster bin cage!

Step 8, optional step: How to add a level(s) to your hamster bin cage. I decided to add a small level to my cage, just to increase the amount of space for its inhabitants. I did this by getting a plank of wood, and cutting it with a saw to the appropriate size. Then I drilled 2 holes either side of the cage, and 2 holes either side of the plank of wood. Then I lined these holes up, and drilled in screws. I now had a secure level added to my hamster bin cage.

Don’t forget you can decorate your bin cage! I have been very boring, and just left mine the way it is, but if you want, you can spice it up, using stickers, mirrors, and even paint! Make sure that is is only on the outside though, and cannot harm your hamster.

Please note that The Hamster Place cannot be held responsible for any accidents to you, or your pet. This is a guide on how to make a bin cage, and you are responsible for making it a safe environment for your pet.