My Hamsters


The Hamster Squad

The main stars of this blog are Alfie, Pip, and Seamus. These little rascals have taught me a lot about hamster life, and they can’t wait to share their adventures with you too!


Meet Alfie, the adventurous hamster with a passion for climbing anything in sight. From scaling the sides of armchairs to embarking on daring curtain expeditions, his fearless spirit and surprising antics never fail to bring laughter and a touch of panic to his owner's day.


Meet Pip, an adorable, albeit timid, hamster with a myriad of charming quirks. Despite his initial shyness, Pip has a few favorite things that bring out his playful side, including sunflower seeds, his silent spinner wheel, and his beloved rotastak Pink Palace cage.


Meet Seamus, a feisty black and white hamster named in honor of the late poet Seamus Heaney. Full of energy and rebellious spirit, Seamus loves running miles on his wheel and building elaborate forts in his Ferplast Duna Fun cage. Though he's not the cuddliest pet, his bold personality shines through, making him a captivating companion.


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