This is my roborovski hamster, Pip. He is my first hamster and I absolutely adore him! As you might know, roborovskis are dwarf hamsters and are very,very small. They are extremely fast and quite timid so they are difficult to tame. To find out more about roborovski hamsters and other breeds, check out my “hamster breed” page!

Pip is a year and a half old and I got him for my birthday last year. He was a tiny three week old baby when I got him and now is a big, fat old roborovski! He is still tiny though (a syrian hamster would be three times the size of Pip) despite growing a lot. As I said, robos are very fast and there have been many escapes with Pip! He seems to like going on little adventures by himself through the house!

Sadly, I don’t think Pip will never be fully tame because he is just so shy that I don’t think he will be able to completely trust me. I do my best, and I still enjoy playing with him even if it is just watching him exploring a new toy I have just made for him!

I know Pip is quite a unique character and not every hamster is so timid but I found myself sometimes getting frustrated at the lack of taming progress. But after a while I have realized that it’s just Pip’s personality and only experience could make me aware of that. However, timidness isn’t Pip’s only trait! These are a few things that he loves!:

Sunflower seeds (I’m almost worried about the amount of them he eats!) The silent spinner ( This is a great wheel by the way and when he’s not on it it usually means he is either eating or sleeping!) yoghurt drops (Another of Pip’s favoured treats!) His rotastak Pink palace! ( He absolutely loves this cage, especially running up and down the tubes!)

Well, that’s Pip for you! He’s just your regular fast paced, adoringly cute roborovski with a quirky timid twist! I love him to bits and I hope he’ll be contributing to my site a lot!