Pips Cage


The cage in this article is no longer available for purchase. However, this pink hamster cage would be an excellent replacement with similar pros and cons.

I’ve decided to write a review on my hamsters’ cages, just so you can see what they’re like. First up is Pip’s cage.

NAME: Rotastak Pink Palace.

WHERE I GOT THE CAGE: I ordered it online, because I couldn’t find any good cages in my local pet shop. I got it from Pet Planet http://www.petplanet.co.uk/shop.asp?gclid=CMfMqf6RgK8CFVFc4Qod524T0Q. I would really recommend Pet Planet, as I got great service from them and the cage arrived quickly and intact.

WHY I CHOSE THE CAGE: I chose the Rotastak Pink Palace because it was big, had lots of floors and tubes and the reviews online were generally very good. I thought it was the best and most suitable cage for a hamster, so I got it.

HOW MUCH: This cage was quite expensive. Though I can’t remember exactly, I think it was around £30 in a sale. Pet Planet always have good deals though, so if you’re thinking of buying this cage, don’t forget to check them out!

TYPE OF CAGE: It’s a plastic cage. There are tiny bars around the top of the second level, but other than that it’s completely plastic. However, it has good ventilation and Pip has never had any respiratory problems.

ACCESSORIES: With this cage, you get a water bottle, a food dish and a wheel. All work perfectly, except for the wheel. It’s so squeaky that you’ll be able to hear it through out the entire house! I just blocked mine up and wentPips cage out and bought a silent spinner. I’ve had absolutely no problems since!

FIRST IMPRESSION: It arrived in great condition and nothing was broken. However, it is really difficult to put together! It took me just over two hours to complete the task of assembling. Most of the cage was fine but the tubes didn’t work that well. When I had managed to fit them together (after some time), a final, impossible task remained: attaching the tubes to the base and top of the cage. It was truly impossible; the tubes were just too heavy for the cage to support. In the end, I just used sellotape to stick the tubes to the cage. That worked fine, and although you have to keep replacing the sellotape and making sure that the tubes are secure once in a while, it’s an easy solution to the problem.

PIP’S VIEW: I think Pip loves this cage, especially the tubes (even if they can be a bit of a hassle). This cage is just the right size for 1-2 dwarf hamsters or a small Syrian hamster. My only concern is that the tubes may be slightly too small for a large Syrian, so it’s probably best to keep it as a “dwarf only” cage, since you don’t want your poor hammy getting trapped in the tubes! Originally, the tubes were standing vertically but I had to put them on their side so Pip could climb them. He was so small when I got him that he couldn’t get up the tube – he looked so depressed! This was easy to do and I didn’t need to buy anymore pieces from Rotastak to do it. There is also a vertical tube that leads to the “attic bedroom” that Pip couldn’t climb, so I made him a little ladder out of wire. Don’t worry, it’s completely hamster-proof and now he stores all his food there! Of course, if you have the same problem, there are specific mice ladders you can buy if you don’t feel like making one yourself. Over all, I think Pip really likes his cage!

CLEANING THE CAGE: This is where the Rotastak Pink Palace loses marks. It takes a long time to clean and it’s difficult to put it back together again. The tubes, as always, are the biggest problem, as you have to completely disassemble them in order to do a good and thorough clean.

MY VIEW: Despite the Pip’s cage!assembling part, and then disassembling (for cleaning) this is a great cage for any dwarf hamster or small Syrian hamster. It’s not the best cage for taming, as I had to take Pip out of the cage in order to handle him. The opening of the cage is a little too small for my liking, but I don’t regret buying this cage. Once you replace the pink wheel with a silent spinner or a flying saucer and secure the tubes, it’s a brilliant cage!